Unexplained flash of light in room

Hello everyone this is my first time on this forum and i would like to share some of my experiences with you great people. It starts out like this, a friend and i were sitting in a sitting room in my apartment talking to each other late at night and in the corner of the room that we were both facing we seen a flash of light that was almost exactly like a camera flash,we have seen it several times in the same area on different occasions.

This is the environment in which it happened which is what puzzles me. There are no windows, the door was closed and the only electronic thing in the room is the light which is right next to us, so it's just 2 couches and one lamp.

There we no sounds, smells or any environmental variable that i know of that could have contributed to this. I would really like to hear from you all, please feel free to ask any questions, i'll be more then happy to answer. One more thing, when it happens it's in the same general area, we have seen it directly and with peripheral vision several times. Keelian reprogramming? Late paranormal researcher John A. Keel collected reports of and himself claimed to have experienced while living in a New York apartment building unexplainable yet reoccurring flashes of light, akin to a camera bulb going off.

He theorized that this was carried out as some form of mental reprogramming by unknown forces in an effort to manipulate or alter the subconscious of certain susceptible individuals. I don't know if I necessarily share his notions behind the phenomenon, but, assuming that you are telling the truth, you should find some small solace in the fact that others have been reportedly encountering similar occurrences at least as far back as the nineteen-sixties.

If, as you say, what you have been observing is frequent and geographically static, you should try to video record it. Once you capture it on video, you know that it is not a product of your mind e. From there, and this goes towards uncovering the reason both paranormal or mundane behind why it is occurring, you could keep a journal and record exactly when you observe it time of day, day of week, who in your home is where.

Then you have data from where to begin experimentation. Actually i have wrote down the times it happened. But capturing it would be a good idea. This will be difficult as there is no pattern for the occurrences.

This also happened to my my mother and I and then my best friend at the time when I was a teenager. All three of us agreed that it came from the corner of the room out of the corner of our eye and lit the entire place up "brighter than the sun" for a split second.

It happened once when my mother and I were watching TV at night and when my best friend was at home sitting on her couch and hers came from the garage which is right near the couch. Very odd feeling but sort of comforting in a way as well, considering at the time my mother and I and my best friend were all going through really hard times when that happened. Glad we're not the only ones who have experienced this, i really wonder what strange phenomenon is behind this or if it is a easily explained thing, either way it would be nice to know.

Yeah, I thought I was the only one. Up until now I haven't really said anything about it, just kind of stuck it in the back of my mind, I may have mentioned it before on the forums but probably awhile ago. My mom still remembers it, too. She has seen some weird stuff in her lifetime, some she won't even speak about. I think some people may be more prone to experiences like this than others. I'm sure some skeptics it's happened to before, is just shrugged off. Wow, very interesting.

I don't see flashes of light but I do hear a gunshot on occasion that no one else does as well as other things that I won't get into here. There are just too many things out there that can't be explained. You'll probably never know for sure what it is. Intesting thread. I shared this story on another thread some time ago.Hot Threads. Featured Threads. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. Forums The Lounge General Discussion. JavaScript is disabled.

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Strange white flash in a dark room - II

Thread starter chumpmonkey Start date Sep 23, Husky said:. This thread seem a little old but I have had similar experiences of white light flashes of a night in the bedroom, both my fiancee and myself have seen them at the same time and while eachother has been asleep. The flash is very brief and only once. No definable shape or origin, rather a blanket of light that illuminates the room.

A few facts ; It has happened in two separate houses that we have lived in, both isolated from outside lights, street, traffic, any obvious external lights sources.

The light source is within the room, on the occasions that we have seen it with our eyes open, it is clearly casting shadow on the inside of the blinds, and not emanating from outside. We have systematically and logically eliminated what we consider possible sources, ie, mobile phones, electrical devices, alarm clocks, anything with a battery, even light bulbs at one stage.

Both houses share only one thing in common and that is proximity within 5km of an airport, regional and not busy at night. As the light is from within the room it seems irrelevant. I don't find it disturbing or scary in any way, I do not associate it with any paranormal or supernatural activity and have had objective discussions with friends as to possible logical causes, but it still remains a mystery. Related General Discussion News on Phys.

Unexplained light flashes

Filip Larsen Gold Member. Regarding the shared visual, do you remember if the flash produced reflected light or not in the room, like if you suddenly saw your girlfriends face light up a bit? If you saw things light up from the flash it should be a good indication that the light was external to your eyes.

If not, I would say it still is a possible explanation that both you and your girlfriends was hit by the same radiation shower producing ionization in your eyeballs. Regarding the flashes on loud sounds, I often find that simply moving my eyelids like blinking with eyes open, or trying to blink with eyes closed just after going from a bright to a dark room may produce what I perceive as something like a small diffuse flash of light.

The effect usually wears off after a few minutes and I ascribe it to the retinas being sensitive to small pressure changes when they just have gone from bright light to dark. Putting continuous slight pressure on my eyeballs in this situation usually always produces moving patterns of bluish-light that slowly dies out. If you experience the same, a surprising loud noise may make your eyes blink on reflex "producing" the flash.

Edit: somehow I missed the age and many of the replies in this thread before posting Last edited: Sep 23, I had this happen to me and a family member this morning however it was not a dark room and there were 2 flashes which we both saw.

The first neither of us mentioned then it happened about a minute later it was just like a camera flash but filled the whole room. We both were worried it was a short in a computer or lamp or a power surge but there was only one light on and one of us was looking at it and the flash did not come from that area.

The blinds were closed and it is a very overcast day. There's no possibility of it being a car or outside light source. I'm convinced it is either an electrical or some seismic thing but web searches brought me here. Last edited: Nov 28, Reoccurring flash of light that appears from nowhere, and disappears in seconds. So I'm trying to figure out exactly what's going on I'm the type of person who has to have an explanation for everything.

So if something unordinary occurs, I always have some type of explanation to explain it away.

unexplained flash of light in room

I guess so I'm not as scared Just always been a habit of mine. But this I can't explain away. And it's bugging me. And I need opinions Because I have no idea whats going on. I'll start from the beginning. A few weeks ago, where I live, the power went out. Not just in my home, but to the entire town. I live in a small town in the middle of no where. So my family and I were all sitting in the living room on the couches, my parents on the main couch against the wall, and my brother and I on the love seat, with the dining area behind us.

We're talking, and I had told them that I was about to go to bed. Before I could even start to get up, there was a random flash of light right behind my head.

It started small, but then And it didn't hurt my eyes, I didn't squint. It was like looking at the color white. My heart stopped, and everyone had seen it. My dad jumped up freaking out, and I had a hard time moving. When I finally did, I instantly started thinking of something to explain this. The windows in the dining area face the storage units in the back, and they were closed.

It was like 11 at night, and no one was out there, so it wasn't head lights. It wasn't lightening, because it wasn't storming. The only thing I could come up with, was maybe the power temporarily turned back on, but it only turned on the dining room light temporarily, and shut off again. I couldn't explain why nothing else came on. And when the power did finally come on, I couldn't explain why that light was turned off at the switch.

But I went with it any way. I had been home alone for a few hours, and I get really caught up in that game. I was in Break it down mode, and I was nailing all the moves.Okay, now im new to this forum - although i have come on here quite alot for fun looking at loads of the stories I origionally found this site when searching the internet for a similar experiance i experianced.

Camera-like light flashes experiences.

Someone else had recorded what happened to them on here and from then on i read more of the stories. It was about 8. I was sitting on the floor with the laptop on a small table. All was fine when suddenly, in the top left corner of the room, i saw in the corner of my eye a ball of light fly at a reasonable speed across the corner that meets the ceiling. I instinctively glanced at this thing which had cuaght my attention but immediatley it had disappered,it was about the size of a 5p piece if i was to guess, and it flew similarly to a shooting star - in that it was there, and then it wasnt - and i saw it much like you would see a shooting star.

Now the other topic i first found was a very similar account made by someone who saw a ball of light fly infront of him across his computer screen. There was a number of replies, from people who belived they expeiranced something similar and it literally ALWAYS pccured when they were on a computer - maybe even when watching tv.

There was alot of repsponse from sceptics who put thios down to an optical illusion due to staring at the computer screen for so long - and the fact there were no other eye witness i think this was generally taken to explain what happened. Now surely this must exclude the optical illusion theory - at least in this case? It cant of explined why we both saw it? I think its also worth mentioning that my family was renting this house and the husband of the previous rentors had died of a heartattack and fell down the stairs a year before.

He died in hospital. Now i believe a little in ghosts and stuff but dont believe many accounts. Any theories or thoughts from you guys?

This was a genuine experiance and think its also worth pointing out the previous experiance of others and linking it to using computers? This happened about years ago when i was 17 and depsite going on numerous ghost hunting adventures where weve heard footsteps in the early hours at an old pagan worship ground of an old church located at cold christmas - this is the only stone-cold evidence i have ever seen that may make me into a believer.

Very cool and I know those who have experienced same. One that comes to mind - no two- have both taken place in very actively haunted locations. Which possibly can tie the two ghost and light.Last night I was in my living room with a friend.

All the lights were off and we were just talking-We had no electronic devices on. Next thing I know out of the corner of my eye we both see a huge flash of bright blue light coming from my entry room…Like a flash of a camera but really bright and blue. My friend and I checked outlets, light bulbs, everything we thought could be a possibility but nothing makes sense.

There are no windows in this room and no one else was home. I searched google for possibilities and all I could find is paranormal stuff. I do not know what to think of this, it has never happened before and I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this or has ANY idea as to what it could be. I had a similar experience.

I posted a question also. The best answers the skeptics with their PhD's could give me were migraine and someone shining a flashlight in my window.

Strange white flash in dark room.

Which just did not add up and when I said so they had my question deleted. My first experience happened in July of It has happened numerous times since that time to me and both my daughters. First of all I live in the very last apt. My apt. If you stand on my porch facing outward there is a golf course that runs the length of the complex. The golf course sets up higher than my apt. My son is asleep. My oldest daughter is spending the night with a friend.

I'm in bed trying to go to sleep but I have a bad migraine. My youngest daughter 14 years old is having trouble winding down because she does not have her sister to talk to. So she asks if she can come into the room with me. I said sure. I'm laying on the bed closest to the door facing the window. I am rubbing my temples and my eyes are closed and covered. She is talking away when I noticed a change in her voice and then a hesitation.

Then she says "What the Hell". I immediately remove my hand and open my eyes. Now, I have a migraine yet this bright white light did NOT hurt my eyes. I am very light sensitive when I have a migraine.This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

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I've had two extremely brief strange experiences within my house over the last two years. Nothing major, but still odd enough to be paranormal. At least from my life experiences they are. The first was in December at night. I was walking up my stairs and I saw what appeared to be a camera-like flash of light come from the upstairs hallway.

It was extremely brief, just as a flashbulb is on a camera and was of similar white-colored intensity. Nobody was upstairs or had any lights on at the time either. After I saw it I immediately went downstairs and grabbed a baseball bat in case of an intruder, but nothing came.

unexplained flash of light in room

The last one of these events happened around September 25, at night. This time I was sitting downstairs in my house at the computer I am typing at now when another camera-like flash happened right next to my left side and around five feet off the ground. There is a low sitting lamp in the room, but it was not the source of this flash.

The lamp is not at the right height or location to be where the flash came from. In either case there was no noise or any other stimulus that I could sense other than these bright flashes. Both events made me very jumpy as I am quite concerned about intruders as most would be. Whether they be human or not. I'm an agnostic and firm extraterrestrial visitation believer, so I'm more apt to think what I saw was related to something to do with extraterrestrials than anything else, but since I saw nothing other than the light flashes, I felt it best to leave this story here.

I don't know. Do detached retina related problems look like light coming out of a hallway like a brief floodlight, or like a clearly visible location in 3D space right next to you? The hallway incident happened as I was walking up some stairs and I saw the light flow out of the hallway ahead of me.

I did not see the flash directly. Only indirectly as it hit the wall ahead. Its not as if I was blinded during any of these events. I simply saw a light come from a specific location and the rest of the surrounding area was untouched by light. I agree with the other poster. Flashes of light are considered to be possible symptoms of a detached retina and you need to have it checked very soon.

I suppose I should have expected eye problem replies, but I'm sure this was not the case. I thought maybe somebody would attempt to explain this away as some sort of rare natural electric discharge or something.My boyfriend and I were laying in bed talking about god knows what when suddenly a very bright light flashed in the corner of the room from my perspective at least.

He says the origin of the light was right next to him about 3 feet away. I saw it occur about 10 feet away and at the foot of the bed.

unexplained flash of light in room

It was as bright as a camera flash but completely silent. It only lasted about a second. We are so confused but intrigued by what we just witnessed! Just wanted to know if anyone had seen the same type of thing before. Well it could be have been lightening out side lighting up the room it is possible under certain circumstances for lightning to happen without thunder accompanying itor a meteor burning up in the atmosphere lighting up the room.

Is it possible it could have been a car headlight reflecting off something? Nope, not a cloud in the sky tonight. Also, not a car. The room was silent and the light exploded into the room instead of pass over the room like headlights. It looked like a camera took a picture of us from inside the closet D:. Well did you check the cupboard for a hidden camera!? A pervert could have hidden one there and set it up wrong and it flashed when it was not meant to. This may be rather crude - but he is not the sort of person that ignites his own expelled gas, is he?

Slugalug, do you have transformers on poles outside near where you live?

Flash of unexplained light. Spirit or ghost or paranormal activity

Those things can go funny sometimes and throw out a massive bright light. You guys are funny, I'm glad I found this forum. It was a very bright white light, maybe a little bluish.

The nearest pole of any kind is a telephone pole 6 houses away. I was thinking ball lightning also but I thought it could only occur during a storm, yes? Did you notice anything else strange at that time? Was there any time you could not account for?

Maybe your boyfriend had a hidden camera in the room set on a timer to flash and to cover his tracks he's acting dumb. I am interested to find out what the bright flash of light can be as well. Myself and 3 others were seated on a deck outside in broad daylight with no storm activity at all. It was a beautiful bright sunny day and we were seated around a small square table when a bright flash of pure white light engulfed us.

We all were amazed but had no clue as to where it came from. It did not hurt the eyes nor did I squint, and when it flashed, white is all we could see. I was waiting on a shock or a bang to come after it, but nothing. Just the very quick bright as bright can be flash and nothing more. It's happened to me once. Outside my house at night, starlit sky no apparent weather activity.

Came from just above the roof of the neighbours house was the nearest I could figure and turned everything completely white. It lasted no more than 2 seconds max. I don't know what caused it but the amount of reports that are showing up is making me think it is a natural meteorological occurrence of some description that is either becoming more common or really only just being talked about more often due to the net.

The other day I was about to head up stairs when above one of the railing posts at the bottom of the stairs I saw a white light.

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